Friday, January 6, 2012

Office Mood Board

Out of all the rooms in the house, I would say that the office is the room that has gotten the least amount of love. Hopefully, this year we can change that. I started thinking about what I wanted for the office and came up with this mood board.

Right now the office is just kind of a mess. So bookcases are a must, adding much needed storage space for all the mess. A couch that seats at least two people would make the room more comfortable and welcoming. Most importantly though, what is an office without a desk? I would love a thin, long white one. When Alan saw the mood board he couldn't get past the pink. Or coral as I am calling it, I feel like coral is less scary to a guy then pink. I have fallen in love with all of Caitlin Wilson Design's fabrics. I would kill to have a few pillows for the couch in her fabrics. Although, looking at the mood board you see a lot of coral, I told Alan that if coral did make it into the room it would be in the form of a pillow (or two). He was able to live with that, because the amazing thing about pillows are you can move and switch them all you want!

That is the feel for the office that we are going with, maybe with the coral or maybe without. I will keep you updated as the room unfolds. I can't wait to have a functional room that I love instead of a room that we just keep the door closed!

Source list:
- Throw: West Elm
- Billy Bookcase Built-ins: Centsational Girl
- Fabric swatches: Caitlin Wilson Designs
- Side Table: West Elm
- Couch: West Elm
- Desk Storage: IKEA
- Desk: IKEA
- Vases: West Elm
- Color Swatches: Pulled from the colors in the items above and then given a name that  I thought fit.


  1. Hey Meghann,
    I love this mood board! Perfect colors to make an office bright and cheery! It's funny you included a photo of that desk. My husband was just at Ikea yesterday, wanting to pick up the wood and white version of that desk for his office. He decided it wasn't sturdy enough in person, though. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you end up with it!
    Have a great weekend,
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  2. I adore those colors - they look amazing together!