Thursday, April 17, 2014

Removing Wallpaper: Powder Room Day 2

If you remember from the beginning of this powder room tale, this is where we left off. Mom and I removed one layer of wallpaper and about half of the second layer. 

So on day two we came back to get the rest of it. That meant that the mirror and light fixture had to come out because there was wallpaper behind them. So first mom and I took the mirror down. It was super easy and just popped right off. After moving it into the other room, mom goes back in the bathroom and says, oh my god. Cue the panic. I went back into the bathroom only to discover surprise number two. Number one was the two layers of wallpaper. 

Giant holes!! That's right, these were just hanging out behind the mirror. I don't know what kind of issue they had but apparently they didn't feel like patching it. 

Now dry wall patching was added to our list. This little bathroom update has gotten more involved as we go. Oh, home renovation. 

We also decided to remove the vanity while we were at it. That did require Alan, his brother John, my brother Justice, a saw, and a lot of muscle. The vanity was grouted into the tile and put in before the plumbing. So the vanity didn't make it out in ine piece. 

I will not miss it though. The tan seashell shaped countertop was donated to the Habiat for Humanity's ReStore as was the toliet. The vanity was an odd length and height. All of the vanities in the house are shorter then I am use too. 

When the boys were removing the vanity surprise number three was uncovered. Apparently the wiring for the light above the mirror went from the light, into the wall, you could see it through the hole, then it came out of the wall, through the vanity, ran under the faucet, under the countertop to the other wall, then through the vanity and wall, then up behind the wall to the outlet. What?!? Why was the electrical wiring for the light switch outside the wall? Why was it in the vanity? Why was it so close to the faucet and water? So now we had to make more holes in the drywall, drill through the studs, reroute the wire completely in the wall, and then patch more drywall. Yea. 

So the bathroom looked like this for a while. A lamp plugged in for light. And just a toilet in the corner. We could still use it so we didn't have to go upstairs too. 

Patching where the wire was rerouted. 

And the mirror holes. 

No wall paper, everything patched and sanded and the new light installed. We had to move the light up and to the left to center it over the new wider and taller vanity. It was so nice to have a light back in here. 

The light without the glass domes on it so they don't get damaged. And you can see where all the patches are. Now the room is ready for paint and for the tile to get ripped up and replaced. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


A portrait of Noble each week of the year 2014. 

We had our first garage sale last weekend in front of the new house. My parents and John and Sarah all brought stuff over so the yard was full. Noble loved sitting outside under the tent watching all the activity. We found a pair of bunny ears in John and Sarah's stuff. They are just perfect for Easter this weekend. 


A portrait of Noble each week of the year 2014. 

Guess who started crawling? Noble! We are in so much trouble. He started a couple days before he turned 7 months. He is a lot to keep up with! Especially because we are having tile work done downstairs it's a construction zone. He always heads right where he isn't supposed to be and wants to play with stuff he shouldn't be playing with. It's time for baby proofing and getting his playroom set up. Notice the look he is giving me in the picture. "What Mom? I am not playing in the dirty drop cloth." 


A portrait of Noble each week of the year 2014. 

Our little ducky loves bath time. I can't believe he is big enough to now sit in the bath and play. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Removing Wallpaper: Powder Room Day 1

Our powder room is the only bathroom on the main level of the house. Although it is a powder room it's actually quite large because the room is so long. We decided that because it is the bathroom downstairs that all of our guests use and we use during the day that we would start on it first. Here is what the powder room looked like when we toured the house. 
First, the wallpaper had to go. We bought a wallpaper steamer from Lowes and on February 26 mom and I started removing it. We removed all the fixtures and found a little surprise, the first of many this bathroom had for us. There was two layers of wallpaper, three layers at the top where there was a boarder. 

Oh what's that peaking out, another layer. Pink and blue stripes which we assume is original with the house. 

We followed the directions of the steamer and scored two of the walls to get started. It ended up being a big mistake. The top layer came off in huge sheets without steaming just pulling and then it was easy to steam off the glue layer. Then we had the striped layer. 

The first day we were able to remove all of the tan layer and half of the striped layer. Overall we learned some handy tricks and the process was more tedious then difficult. Day two of wallpaper removal brought some more surprises.