Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 Months

Finally, I am all caught up! Noble just turned 10 months old two days ago. I cannot believe my baby will be a year in 2 months. It's time to start planning his birthday. He is crawling and pulling up everywhere and climbing on everything. And he now pulls up on to his lion walker and walks by himself. He eats anything and everything. There isn't anything that he wont eat. He says Mama, Dada, Bye Bye, Hi, and Up. He loves to wave, read books, and chase Dada around. He takes a morning and afternoon nap and sleeps 12 hours through the night (which is such a blessing). Now for some pictures.

Walking with the walker!

Painting a picture for Dada for Father's Day.

At the Nashville Zoo for Fathers Day.

Uncle John.

At the Lake with Nanny.

A new big boy car seat!

My little summer time boy.

9 Months

Month 9 was full of fun adventures for Noble as well. 

We took a trip to Orlando to stay with my cousin Andrew and his fiancĂ© Holly. 

We spent a day at Disney!

Noble met Mickey and got a little upset when the camera man yelled his name to look at the camera. Mickey was a good sport about it. 

It was so fun being able to take Noble to Disney for the first time. 

We were so happy to be able to have dinner with my Aunt Connie, Uncle Bill, and cousins Brittany and Dillon. 

We also got to spend the day at a lake in Orlando and Noble got to try watermelon for the first time. 

My Uncle Tom happened to be in Orlando the same weekend as us and we got to see him one evening.  It was such a happy coincidence.

The crib is now on the lowest because someone is a pulling up master and trouble. 

Picnic time!

We also have a playgroup at least once a week for Noble and all of his friends to play and the moms to chat of course.

8 months

So obviously I am way behind in updates. Noble is currently 10 months old so I am going to have to play catch up. Life has been keeping us busy. 

Back to 8 months old. We had a very busy month of April. 

It was Noble's first Easter. 

We went to Atlanta for Easter and spent it with family. 

The Easter bunny came and visited. 

Noble was able to meet my Nana, my father's mother. 

And my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. 

We were also able to go to Tuscaloosa to watch my little sister, Kelsey, graduate from Alabama. We are so proud of her and excited for her new job as a chemical engineer.

The next generation of Alabama grad!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


A portrait of Noble each week of the year 2014. 

Noble had an amazing Easter. We spent the weekend in Atlanta. We went to my sorority sister's wedding on Saturday which was beautiful. And on Easter we went to church and brunch with family. Noble met and spent Easter with my grandmother, aka his great grandmother and my Aunt Julie, Uncle Bob, cousin Katy and cousin Jake. It was wonderful and he was the cutest Easter bunny ever. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Painting: Powder Bathroom

Last you saw the powder room was like this. 

Ready for paint. We painted it the same light gray that we have painted the rest of the rooms. The powder room was actually the last room downstairs that needed to be painted. We are very excited to have one floor completely painted. 

And TA DA! It's amazing how much better it looks with just a fresh coat of paint. 

Next on the list is having the tile removed and replaced. We are bringing in tile people to have this done. Neither of us has ever tiled anything. Also the old cracked pink tile was laid on top of plywood instead of cement board. Hence all the cracks. 

I won't miss you horrible cracked pink tile.